Martin H. Habicht, M.A.Sc.

Martin H. Habicht, the principle at MH Hawk Computing, is a broadly experienced and highly respected business/systems analyst with 20+ years of progressive practical database development, which improves and stream lines their internal business operations – internationally and domestically. Martin has a solid track record of environment assessment, visual interpretation and re-engineering successes applied across various environments including engineering, finance, health, human resources and strategic planning. He has assessed clients needs and determined their requirements for computer software. He has also skilled in assessing and reviewing business processes to identify options, best practices, and opportunities to improve service delivery.

Martin prides himself in guiding projects from their inception through implementation.

His expertise in programming languages/tools include:

• Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

• Access / Excel and all other major Microsoft software products

• SAP, Oracle, MS-SQL

• On-line collection of data via Fluidsurveys etc.


He has written several technical specifications, user manuals and recommendations for clients.

He also has the ability to work with complicated relationships between datasets.

He has secret security clearance with Government of Canada until 2027 (pending)

His International Experience includes:

- Senior Analyst for the Inland Revenue Department, (Antigua, Aug/2010 -Sep/2010) Scrutinized government Tax Administration database (Oracle) to provide report on condition of database

- Analyst & Developer for International Monetary Fund (Barbados, 2009-2010) Analyzed various situations and developed computerized accounting, contracting and planning tool for regional office (Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications imovane online)