Client: Public Health Agency of Canada

Job Title: Systems Analyst/Developer

Dates: March 2014 – Mar 2016

Technology: Windows 7, MS Access 2010, MS-Excel 2010, On-line survey software (FluidSurveys)

Analyzed user requirements.

Reviewed the results of 2014-15 performance measurement tools to determine how to make the tool more responsive to the management and determine improvements such as evidence-based decision making.

Wrote business requirements document (BRD) which defined the user needs, and scope of the project an improvement to the diagnostics technology.

Completed functional analysis, identifying sources of data, commonality and relationships between pieces of data.

Completed systems analysis, all tables normalized, key business rules extracted and the model was constructed.

Programmed and tested an application which extracted and transformed all the data sources from FluidSurveys to Access,

Wrote 3-part document to explain how to use the application, how to extract the data from FluidSurveys and a Guide to the Automated Query Builder.

Wrote and tested typical SQL queries to answer the questions asked by management.

Client:       Innovapost Ltd.

Job Title:   Business Analyst/Developer